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Energy Production

We are Cinergy. We create value with renewables.

Cinergy develops, builds & operates renewable power plants.

Cinergy Europe is a privately owned Corporation with focus on Solar & Wind energy projects. Cinergy is active in Belgium, Spain and PR China. Know that non-renewable energy production generates 37-40% of worlds CO2. Cinergy makes that fight against CO2 a profitable one!

Cinergy develops Solar/Wind plants.

We develop from greenfield till ready to build solar/wind projects.

Cinergy build Solar/Wind plants.

Own developments of construction of solar/wind plants for 3rd parties, its our core.
Large projects or residential projects.

Cinergy operates solar/wind plants.

We operate, monitor, maintain own or 3rd party plants.

We offer solutions for Energy Storage.

Through our daughter company 247 Energy Storage we offer a range of energy storage solutions for residential or industrial applications.  Home batteries or Industrial energy storage.

We offer hybrid LNG/LH2 - wind/solar solutions.

Through our daughter company 247 Energy we offer a range of liquified gas power solutions (LNG and LH2) that allow renewable energy to cover baseload energy production.

We love Innovations

The energy market is in constant evolution. So is Cinergy. We work on innovations to solve renewable energy’s lack of flexibility by combining different technologies. Cinergy group invests in energy storage solutions, hybrid energy production, green gas to power, power to gas and much more. We love to team with your company to solve your energy need, the renewable way.