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247 Energy at Solar Solutions Amsterdam

Amsterdam 19-21 March 2024, 247 Energy showed its supercapacitor energy storage innovations. A safe, reliable, and long-lasting solution to help in the energy transition. Very suitable to support charging infrastructure and/or peak shaving applications.
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2023 Solar and Wind Energy Boom: China Leads Record Installations, Supercapacitor Breakthrough Revolutionizes Battery Tech

In 2023, China, Europe, and the US each achieved record solar installations, with China leading at 180-230 gigawatts, and Europe growing by 40% from the previous year to 58 gigawatts. Solar energy, now the most affordable electricity source in many countries, saw a significant price drop in Europe, making solar panels more accessible than ever. Solar is poised to overtake hydropower in capacity, though not in electricity production due to...
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247 Energy is electrifying Solar Solutions Kortrijk 25-26 october 2023

247 Energy is ELECTRIFYING Solar Solutions Kortrijk on 25-26 October! Dive into a world of innovation at our booth, drop your card, and get READY to possibly snag the phenomenal Supercap 5.5KWh home battery! Unveil the future with us: ultra-safe, long-lasting energy storage that’s game-changing for businesses and homes alike. Witness the magic of our dynamic 10Ft storage in real-time action! BE THERE!”
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Belgium Overshoot Day is 26-3-2023

A country’s overshoot day is the date on which Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in that country. Not only is decarbonizing the economy our best possible chance to address climate change, but it would also vastly improve the balance between our Ecological Footprint and the planet’s renewable resources. Over 150 years ago, the carbon Footprint of humanity was close to zero. If we want...
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2 new Spanish Solar & Wind developments

Cinergy is working on 2 new renewable energy developments in Andalusia & Aragon. They are +100Mw each in size and greenfield.
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Positive Energy for 2023

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that this year brings even more progress and innovation in the world of renewable energy. May we continue to make strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, and may we all do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Let’s make this year a turning point in the fight against climate change, and may we all work towards a brighter, greener tomorrow. Wishing you all...
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247 Energy Corporate

Introducing 247 Energy, innovative production & storage technology that delivers clean, safe on/off grid energy when your organization needs it.
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Global CO₂ emissions peak at around 33 GtCO₂ in 2023, but the trajectory remains far from the 1.5°C Pathway.

COVID-19 has triggered a drop in global CO2 emissions of around 7 percent. In the Reference Case, energy-related CO2 emissions peak by 2023, followed by a steady decline of approximately 25 percent until 2050. In the Accelerated Transition scenario, emissions by 2050 are 20 percent lower than in the Reference Case, reflecting a more rapid shift to renewable sources for power generation as well as an accelerated uptake of new,...
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