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About Us

Power Plant Development

We develop Solar/Wind power plants from greenfield to ready to build. Our focus is Belgian & Spanish market.

Power Plant Construction

Together with our partners we build solar/wind farms. Cinergy also operates & maintains those plants. 

Energy Storage

Through our subsidiary 247 Energy Storage we also provide turnkey energy storage solutions.

Hybrid Solutions

Though our subsidiary 247 Energy we can provide LNG/H2 – Solar/wind solutions that provide 24/7 energy.

Cinergize your portfolio.

Cinergy is a 100% renewable energy group. We are a privately owned corporation with sole focus on Solar and Wind power projects. We are active in Belgium, Spain and PR China.

In PR China we constructed over 250Mw of solar. In 2019 Cinergy turned it focus on Spain & Belgium. We have over 900Mw of large solar/wind plants in different stages of development. We focus on development, construction and operations. We realize our objectives together with international co-funders and institutional investors.

Know that non-renewable energy production generates 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emission. Cinergy makes that fight against carbon dioxide its profitable priority!

Solar Power

Climate change is compelling us to take action, to reduce our carbon footprint and evolve towards a greener world, one that is also more energy efficient. Affordable low CO2 ermitting energy and security of supply will remain key considerations for consumers and stakeholders.

EU solar jobs are set to double by 2021 to 175.000. By 2040 about 20% of the European energy demand can be met with Solar Power.

Cinergy works on projects ranging from 10Mw to 300Mw.

Wind Power

The EU currently has the largest floating wind energy capacity in the world – about 70% of the total. By end 2020, the total installed wind energy capacity reached 210GW, equivalent to supplying 14% of electricity demand. By 2030 it could reach 350GW, supplying up to 24% of electricity demand.

Cinergy invests in making renewable energy sources flexible!

Renewable energy sources (wind, solar) are non-flexible. No wind, No Sun, No energy. Cinergy is researching several options to help solve this issue. 

  • With 247 Energy (subsidiary) we work on gas2power, power2gas solutions. As of now based on LNG but later switching to LH2.
  • Combining LH2 with Solar or Wind power plants turns them into 24/7 energy suppliers. 
  • With 247 Energy Storage (subsidiary) we look into non-chemical battery solutions that are both safe (not explosive), green (low production/recycle/resource impact on environment), and long-lasting.