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Drop diesel generators and save 25% … and the planet.

Economical activities in many isolated communities or islands are limited to fishing and small-scale agriculture. While many of these islands have more opportunities, which cannot be exploited due to lack of electricity during the day. Many of these island’s pristine beaches are also attractive for tourism but the potential cannot be developed for lack of power supply.

We at 247 Energy believe that with renewable energy (wind and/or solar) combined with a baseload produced by a LNG-fueled genset is the best option.

But we do not only provide communities and/or remote islands! Also, companies that rely on a stable, safe and dependable electricity supply have changed from diesel to LNG.

Why invest tons of money in renewables to save on CO-2 emissions (particulates and other gaseous emissions not to forget) and lose all of the benefits by using highly polluting diesel gensets?

Moreover, now that LNG is more and more available worldwide, we know that the LNG-fueled genset has the most advantages.

In the last year diesel fuel price has increased in some regions by 10%, the cost of operating with diesel gensets is losing from LNG-fueled gensets.

For many of our clients, who changed from primary diesel generators to our LNG-fueled sets, gained a 25% of cost savings on their energy expenditures!

With less emissions (-25%CO-2, no particulates, and virtually no NOx&SOx) AND a cost saving of 25%, it was not difficult to convince them.

We at 247 Energy provide a NO Capex – NO Opex service. Our clients do not require to invest in their energy system, nor should they lose time and cost in the maintenance and servicing.

Our clients can depend on our expertise and full service and stay focused what is most important to them: Their own business!

Ask us for a free quotation and get convinced!